This soothing healing anti inflammatory blissful massage oil helps to heal tired muscles & soothe bodily aches & pains. It contains many anti analgesic properties & can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoraiasis & eczema. This sacred massage oil is made in a ceremonial way honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe & is infused with her holy hymns & wth loving prayers for healing. Many of the ingredients in this blessed massage oil are sacred to the Virgin of Guadalupe.


All Organic Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Almond Oil, St. John's Wort Flowers, Calendula Flowers, Arnica Oil, Pure Essential Oil of Rose Absolute & Lily Absolute & Love


Suggested Use: Offer gratitude to the Mother of Humanity & anoint your chakras or massage any area of your body that needs healing. You may pray to connect with the Virgin of Guadalupe to help heal guide & protect you. Remember to treat yourself with Love taking time to allow this sacred oil to bring you the healing you need & the blessings you deserve as we are all considered divine children of our holy mother. 

Santa Maria Soothing Analgesic Massage Oil

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  • The Virgin of Guadalupe is known as the Mother of Compassion. It is said that she embraces all of her children equally offering her love & protection to all who connect with her for guidance & healing. She is considered the Mother of humanity & the divine feminine principle in all of existence. Viva our Holy Mother! May her love bless us all...

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