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Shakti Blissful Botanicals Mission statement: 

Shakti Blissful Botanicals vows to prepare high quality Organic Botanical Infusions    in a Ceremonial way, with Love & a deep Reverence for all of the Plants we work with. Our intention is to provide access to      Heart Chakra opening & Consciousness Expanding infusions which are prepared in a Sacred way . We make our infusions with the prayer that they will   bring   blessings   to    the body, heart, mind and spirit,    as we believe    All    are interconnected.  As above, so below!

Shakti Blissful Botanicals Vision: 

Shakti Blissful Botanicals envisions a future where all humans have access to Mother Earth’s Sacred plant allies.    We envision a world where Mother Earth is honoured respected and preserved for future generations to come.

Shakti Blissful Botanicals Values: 

We value our Mother Earth and view her as the body of the Goddess. We recognize that Mother Earth's sacred healing plant medicines are an offering of her love for us and all life inhabiting this planet.

We  believe there is a disconnect happening between most humans and the natural world. When we begin to recognize that the Earth is alive, we   recognize    that each living thing has a spirit residing within its essence. We value teachings which reconnect humans with nature in a heart centered way .

We, at Shakti Blissful Botanicals, strive to constantly educate ourselves in order to learn the latest most effective ways to prepare high quality Botanical Infusions    using the most effective and integral extraction and Infusion methods possible. 

We value each human being’s right to have access to organic high quality Infusions    that are prepared with integrity and imbued    with positive loving energy and intentions for healing. We believe humans are more likely to receive blessings of   plant infusions  that     are prepared in a loving sacred way.

We value and honor the spirit of all of the  plants    we work with    and treat each plant    with respect and the spirit of each plant    with reverence. We believe when infusions are prepared in such a way their true blessings can be received. When the spirit of sacred botanicals    are honored the soul    of the plant has the ability to be imbued into the medicine making it a more potent ceremonial    tool.

We value the preservation of the wisdom of the plant teachers    that have been passed down throughout the ages and the recognition that we all have the ability to become stewards of Mother Earth. Much of the ancient knowledge on the spiritual properties & modalities of sacred plants    have been lost. It is our goal to help preserve this knowledge through the dissemination of information on the subject of sacred plant allies and the importance in recognizing their connection with the divine.

We value Peace on earth and recognize that peace begins inside each person. We offer these plant infusions    to help connect each person to their higher self with the prayer they may find the holy peace that resides within their heart.

We value the conscious collective evolution of the human spirit. We recognize that we are all Spirits living inside of human bodies and that the spirit has the ability to bring profound healing to the body. We value Mother Earth’s plant teachers    as sacred tools to help us connect with our higher selves.

We value each human beings birth right to have access to all of Mother Earth’s sacred plants    and believe that no aspect of Mother nature should be outlawed.

We value the new magical earth that is emerging and give gratitude to her sacred spiritual plant alliess which, we believe, are assisting in this rapid shift in consciousness that is now occurring on this planet at this potent transformational time. 

We value the recognition that we are part of Mother Earth and she is part of us and that the future of Mother Earth rests in our collective hands. We value all those who seek to preserve our Mother Earth for future generations to come. 

We value all of the Sacred Botanicals which open the heart Chakra. When we tap into the wealth of unconditional love that exists within our hearts it is this love which has the power to bring great healing to ourselves and all our loved ones. 


Above all, we value Love as we feel Love is the most powerful common denominator for the healing of each & every spirit residing here and for the healing of our world.

Blessed   be!

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