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This blissful 3rd eye awakening elixir is made with Love & Intention.


This divine elixir is infused with Blue Lotus Flowers from Egypt where it has been used for centuries as a spiritual sacrament to connect with the divine and to help awaken and develop one's connection with the 3rd eye chakra. Blue Lotus Flowers are also used as a dream journeying tool when taken before bedtime as the properties often induce vivid dreaming and dream recall. 


This elixir is also very delicious as it is flavored with all organic molasses, cinnamon and vanilla root.


All Organic Ingredients: Blue Lotus Flowers, Cherries, Cardamom, Vanilla Root & Love infused in grain alcohol (90%)


Suggested Use: 1-3 dropperfuls in water or tea (if you want to evaporate the alcohol & receive the blessing of the ingredients on their own. To do this add the desired amount of elixir to 1 cup of boiling water, cover, let sit for 5 minutes & enjoy your cup of Heart centered 3rd eye Chakra awakening tea) 

Blue Lotus Flower Elixir

SKU: 54654213
  • "In the beginning there was Isis, oldest of the old, from which all becoming arose..." -Egyptian Scripture

    Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Magic, Sensuality & Spiritual Wisdom.

    Blue Lotus Flowers are sacred to her & are offered to her in gratitude for her assistance on the path of enlightenment. 

    Blue Lotus Flower filled ointment jars were found in the Temples of Isis & were used by her Priests & Priestesses for divination and various spiritual rituals.

    Our Blue Lotus Honey was made in honour of the Goddess Isis & is infused with her blessings.

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