This blissful 3rd eye awakening elixir is made in a ceremonial way in honor of Princesa Janaina & is infused with her healing hymns & with loving prayers for healing.


This divine elixir is infused with Blue Lotus Flowers from Egypt where it has been used for centuries as a spiritual sacrament to connect with the divine and to help awaken and develop one's connection with the 3rd eye chakra. Each ingredient in this elixir is sacred to Princesa Janaina, who is honored as a coboclo (nature guide) in many Umbanda traditions.


All Organic Ingredients: Blue Lotus Flowers, Molasses, Cinnamon Bark, Vanilla Root & Love infused in grain alcohol (90%)


Suggested Use: 1-3 dropperfuls in water or tea (if you want to evaporate the alcohol & receive the blessing of the ingredients on their own. To do this add the desired amount of elixir to 1 cup of boiling water, cover, let sit for 5 minutes & enjoy your cup of Heart centered 3rd eye Chakra awakening tea) 

Princesa Janaina Third Eye Eixir

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  • Princesa Janaina is considered to be a maiden nature spirit who carries the blessings of purity, cleansing and spiritual alchemy. Her spirit is said to reside where the river (Mamae Oxum) meets the sea (Mamae Iemanja).  Oxum & Iemanja are both mothers to Princesa Janaina as she mixes the holy waters of the rivers with the salty cleansing waters of the sea. 

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