This beautiful blend of flowers & herbs was made in cermonial way with love in honor of the Venus of Willendorf, the oldest fertility Goddess who's worship dates back to the stone age in Austria.


Benefits: Yoni steams are used to heal, cleanse & nourish the yoni and womb space. The herbal steam enters your yoni temple and womb bringing the healing properties of the herbs and flowers into your body to help in whatever needs healing. Yoni steams are beneficial for menstruation issues & can reduce the flow of menstuation, decrease any pain experienced during menstruation, regulate menstrual cycles, reduce PMS, regulate hormonal imbalances, treat the symptoms of menopause, significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation, they can increase fertility, speed up healing, tone the reproductive system after birthing, reduce fibroids & cysts, heal prolapse & endometriosis, assist with vaginal tearing, episiotomy, C-section scars, assist with healing hemorrhoids,  relieve yeast infections & release toxins from the womb abnd yoni. Yoni steams also helps to release phsyical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages within our most sacred space as women. Taking time to heal our yoni is very important as our yoni is our source of power & where the center of our creativity as women resides. Much trauma can accumulate in these area & the more we work to clear it the healthier and more empowered we become on all levels.


All Organic Ingredients: Roses, Calendula flowers, Damiana, Lemon Balm, Raspberry Leaf, Mugwort, Rosemary, yarrow, basil, chamomile & st. John's wort


Suggested Use: Boil water, pour herbs in, remove from heat, cover 10 min. Pour in to bowl. Coil a towel around the bowl & sit over the bowl. Wrap your lower body in blankets to contain the heat. Sit as long as you can. We suggest candles, soft music, meditation, singing, inspiring reading... etc. Relax and enjoy this sacred time of bringing love & healing into your yoni temple.


Important: Do not steam while menstruating, pregnat, if you have open wounds or infections or if you are wearing an IUD or yoni piercings. Please take care not to burn yourself.

Yoni Floral Steam

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  • The Venus of Willendorg is the oldest surviving work of art. Her clay figurines date back to the stone age & were found in Willendorf, Austria. She is one of the most popular fertility Goddesses to this day. Due to her prominent detailed Yoni depicted in her carvings, she became associated with the Yoni, a term representing female genitalia which literally means Sacred Place. Tantrics honor the Yoni as the seat of feminine sexual power & the source of all creative action. (you may remove the last sentence if not enough room)

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