This blissful consciousness expanding elixir is made in a ceremonial way in honor of the Aztec Goddess of Love Xochiquetzal & is infused with healing hymns & with loving prayers for healing.


This divine elixir is infused with Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds from Mexico where it has been used for centuries as a spiritual sacrament to connect with the divine and to for spiritual journeying purposes. The properties of Morning Glory Seeds are simliar to LSD. Our infusion is made simply with alcohol and seeds, unlike most LSA tinctures on the market which are often made with lighter fluid. Our LSA tinctures are effective for ceremonial purposes & made with Love using all organic ingredients.


All Organic Ingredients: Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds & Love infused in Vodka (50% potency))


Suggested Use: The full amount (50ml) of the infused LSA seeds is mixed with juice for ceremonial purposes. Please Note: We do not sell this product for human consumption due to the current laws restricting some of Mother Nature's sacred plant medicines. However, Shamans have been ingesting Morning Glory Seeds for centuries for vision questing purposes. 



Xochiquetzal Morning Glory Tincture

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  • Xochiquetzal is the Aztec Goddess of Love, fertility, beauty and femal sexual power. She is considered the Protector of Women. Morning Glory Flowers were sacred to the Aztecs and held in reverence due to their divinatory spiritual properties to connect one with the divine within. They were used for vision questing and healing.

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