This delicious honey is infused with our Clavo Huasca aphrodisiac tincture. Clavo huasca is a potent aphrodisiac bark from Brazil with feminine qualities as it is relaxing to the central nervous system & sensual. It is loved by both men and women for it's blissful effects.


Aphrodisiacs can be used for much more than love making... they are wonderful tools for inspiring creativity, dancing, connecting with nature, etc. Open your heart and let your love shine!


Effects: Euphoric, calming, heart chakra opening and sensual.


All Organic Ingredients: Raw Honey infused with Clavo Huasca bark, seasonal wild berries, vanilla root extract & Love infused in 90% grain alchohol.


Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon or more as desired. Takes 30 minutes to one hour to feel the effects. 

Oxum's Aphrodisiac Honey

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  • Oxum (Pronounced Oshoom) is honored, in the Brazilian umbanda tradition, as the Mother of the Rivers & her spirit is said to reside in all of Mother Earth's beautiful Rivers. It is believed Oxum can shapeshift into a river mermaid & brings the blessing of transformation. She is also said to bring feminine healing, love & cleansing to all the son's & daughters of Earth (those who value & honor Mother Earth & her precious resources). 

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