Shipping for this product is available within Canada only. This sacred blend is inspired by the Holy Anointing Oil, described in numerous biblical texts. Many scholars believe Mary Magdalene prepared her own infusion of this sacred oil to anoint her beloved Jesus with. 


This divine oil is a potent healing balm made with blessings to calm the heart, invigorate the spirit & bring protection to all who commune with it!


All Organic Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Almond Oil, Pure Sunflower Lecithin Oil, Keneh-bosem, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Cassia & Myrrh.


* Chakra Anointing

* Foot Massage

* Protection




*Energetic Cleansing


Massage into the chakras with prayers for cleansing, purification & protection, or treat yourself or someone you Love to a soothing, warming, divinely blessed foot massage!


Size 3oml, 60ml

Mary Magdalene Holy Anointing & Massage Oil

    • "My Saint Magdalene, she is the Lady of Flowers, My Saint Magdalene, She is the Lady of Song. I feel the Earth, this magnetic vibration!" -Sommer Fawn

      Mary Magdalene is considered a Saint & to be the beloved companion of Jesus as well as his 13th Apostle. Historians who have traced Mary Magdalene's lineage have shown that she comes from a long line of High Priesteses and that she, herself, was in fact a High Priestess. The Gospel of Mary is now considered, by many scholars, to be the most important Gospel. Biblical texts depict Mary anointing the feet of Jesus with a holy anointing oil she lovingly prepared for him.

      Our beautiful Anointing oil was inspired by Mary Magdalene, made in her honor & infused with blessings to bring healing, protection & purification to all who commune with it.