This healing, moisturizing ceremonial sea salt scrub is truly a heart chakra opening blessing to behold. our beautiful reicpe is prepared in a ceremonial way honoring our Mother of the Rivers & is infused with her sacred hymns & loving prayers for healing. The ingredients added to this sacred scrub are considered sacred to Mamae Oxum.


High Quality, Pure Ingredients: Epsom Salts Sea Salt, Organic Local Sunshine Coast B.C. Honey, Calendula Flowers & Pure Essential oils of ylang ylang, Rose Absolute Oil & Love.


Suggested Use: Anoint your body with this sacred honey blessing from the neck down & enter a shower or bath offering your gratitude to Mamae Oxum & asking for her blessings. Remember to take time to treat yourself with Love while you soak in the blessings of these healing nourishing salts. Viva Mamae Oxum!

Mamae Oxum Honey Sea Salt Scrub

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  • Oxum (Pronounced Oshoom) is honored as the Mother of the Rivers & her spirit is said to reside in all of Mother Earth's beautiful Rivers. It is believed Oxum can shapeshift into a river mermaid & brings the blessing of transformation. She is also said to bring feminine healing, love & cleansing to all the son's & daughters of Earth (those who value & honor Mother Earth & her precious resources). 

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