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This magical cardamom kissed honey is infused our Blue Lotus Flower tincture. The euphoric Blue Lotus Flowers have aphrodisiace properties as well as properties which are similar to opium, but non addictive. These divining flowers are used to help to open the 3rd eye, connecting one to elevated states of consciousness & when before bedtime are also useful for dream journeying & dream recall. Enjoy a more vivid conscious landscape or relax into dreamtime to journey blissfully with this heavenly elixir!


All Organic Ingredients: Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower Tincture (Nymphae Caerulea flowers), Cardamom Powder & Vanilla Extract infused in 90% grain alcohol.


* 3rd Eye Opening

* Euphoric & Blissful

* Sensual


* Deep Relaxing Sleep

* Dream Recall


Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon or more as desired. Takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to take effect.

Blue Lotus Flower Honey

SKU: 54657777
  • "In the beginning there was Isis, oldest of the old, from which all becoming arose..." -Egyptian Scripture

    Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Magic, Sensuality & Spiritual Wisdom.

    Blue Lotus Flowers are sacred to her & are offered to her in gratitude for her assistance on the path of enlightenment. 

    Blue Lotus Flower filled ointment jars were found in the Temples of Isis & were used by her Priests & Priestesses for divination and various spiritual rituals.

    Our Blue Lotus Honey was made in honour of the Goddess Isis & is infused with her blessings.

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