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This sacred prayer smoke blend was prepared with Love & Intention


All Organic Ingredients: Sceletium Tortuosum Cactus Powder, Blue Lotus Flowers, Damiana, Wild Bergamont Flowers, Passion Flower, Rose Petals, Lavender Flowers Scullcap, Mugwort & Flower Faery Blessings!


Sceletium (also known as Kanna) is a cactus from Africa which is considered Mother Nature's most potent anti depressant. As Kanna is an SSRI, this smoking blend should not be combined with pharmaceuitcal SSRI's or any MAOI plant medicines or pharmaceutical drugs. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or in conjunction with heavy amounts of alcohol.


Blue Lotus Flowers are blissful flowers from Egypt, where they are highly revered for their spiritual qualities. The properties of the Lotus Flowers help to open the heart chakra & pineal gland & awaken the 3rd eye. This smoking blend is enjoyed for it's blissful calming meditative effects.


Scullcap, Mugwort, Damiana, Rose & Passion Flower are all calming to the nervous system. Damiana Rose and Passionflower also have blissful sensual heart chakra opening effects.


This blend is truly blessed by many of the enchanted spirits of the Garden of Earthly Delights! We offer it to you with Love in our Hearts and Gratitude to all of the Flower Divas and Plant Spirits who are imbued within. May it bring you many blessings and as much pleasure as it has brought us in preparing this most sacred medicine! Blessed Be!


Suggested Use: This Magical Smoking Blend can be enjoyed in rolling papers or using a vaporizer, hookah, water pipe, etc. (Please note that the blend vaporizes at higher temperatures than most other herbs. You will want to experiment with your heat levels when vaporizing.)

Garden of Earthly Delights Smoking Blend

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