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This delicious, blissful, uplifting sensual aphrodisiac tonic is made with Love & Intention & is infused with Clavo-huasca, a bark from Brazil which is revered for it's feminine aphrodisiac qualities. It's effects are blissful & calming, yet stimulating. It helps calm the nervous system allowing one to drop deelpy into the heart chakra & can produce ecstatic states which bring healing to the heart, body, mind & spirit.


All Organic Ingredients: Clavo-huasca bark, Cherries, Pomegranates, Vanilla, a dash of Coconut Sugar & Love infused in grain alcohol (90%)


Suggested Use: 1 dropperful or more as desired in water or tea if one desires to evaporate the alcohol and experience the plant medicines on their own. (To do this add the desired amount of Mamae Cahoeira elixir to 1 cup of boiling water cover & let sit 5 minutes & enjoy your cup of blissful heart chakra centered tea)

Clavo-Huasca Aphrodisiac Elixir

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