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Morning Glory Flower Botanical Information

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Flower is a beautiful flowering perennial vine native to tropical America. This flower was traditionally used by the Zapotec people of Oaxaca Mexico for healing, divination and ceremonial purposes.

Morning Glory Botanical Drawing
Morning Glory Botanical Drawing, Public Domain

Flowers: Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Flowers are bright blue delicate trumpet shaped flowers which unfurl to open at dawn and swirl up to close at dusk. They have a faint angelic fragrance and are loved by butterflies and hummingbirds

Leaves: The bright green heart shaped leaves are attached to long serpentine vines which cling to everything they meet along their path.

Botanical Name: Ipomea Tricolor

Common Name: Morning Glory

Properties: The magical Morning Glory flower was also sacred to the Aztec Goddess of Love and fertility Xochiquetzal due to it's entheogenic properties. The seeds of this vine contain about 0.1% ergot alkaloids, including ergometrine, chanoclavine and lysergol and active constituents known as d-lysergic and d-isolysergic acids.

Effects: When ingested properly, the seeds are similar in effects to LSD, a potent synthetic entheogen created in 1943 by the legendary entheobotanist Albert Hofmann. While communing with Morning Glory, one may experience healings, divination, profound insights, new ways of looking at things, etc. The more sensitive types may also receive 3rd eye opening visions from this magical flower. Note: A vision is something entirely different than a hallucination. Visions are said to come from spirit and to be felt at the core of one's being. They are impossible to make up or imagine as they are living manifestations of spirit seen through the opening of the pineal gland and 3rd eye and not the human eye. One can only experience a vision to know the difference. It is not something that can be easily shared or transmitted through words. Some artists have depicted spiritual visions through their visionary art work, such as Alex Grey.

Medicinal Uses: There are recordings of the Indians of Southern Mexico preparing the roots of the flower as a tea which was used as a diuretic, laxative and expectorant. The leaves of the vine were known for treating headaches and indigestion.

Dieta: Fasting is usually done on the day Morning Glory Seeds are ingested as the seeds can cause nausea and, in some cases, purging. It is good to follow an alkaline diet a day or so before a ceremony and if food is needed some light non acidic fruits or vegetables may be eaten at least 2 hours prior to ingestion of the Morning Glory Sacrament. For more on dietas, I invite you to read my blog entry on Plant Medicine Ceremony Guidelines.

Contraindications: Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while communing with this medicine. Do not ingest while pregnant or breastfeeding. Those with hepatitis or liver disorders should avoid ingesting Morning Glory Seeds as well.

MAOI's inhibit our digestive enzymes and should not be combined with Morning Glory Seeds. MAOI's are found in most anti psychotic and anti-depressant pharmaceuticals as well as in some plants medicines such as ayahuasca vine and syrian rue seed. It is best to do one's research when ingesting any plant medicines. "In wise hands poison is medicine, in foolish hands medicine is poison" -Casanova

Morning Glory flowers are not recommended for people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, clinical depression or severe anxiety unless under the care of a professional. While there are many studies with positive results being done now in the treatment of psychological trauma with the assistance of LSD, there are no clinical supports available at the moment with the use of Morning Glory Flowers in this regard. There are many shamans who work with and guide people with this medicine and those with any of the diagnosis's mentioned above would be wise to connect with a well trained integral shaman to enquire about the use of this entheogen under their care.

As well, individuals who are going through a stressful period with emotional or psychological upheaval should avoid the use of morning glory seeds.

Warnings: It is best to avoid purchasing Morning Glory Seeds from garden supply stores, etc as unfortunately the seeds are now treated with poisons to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and discourage people from ingesting them. This is part of the war on plant medicines that we must work hard together to combat in order to preserve the sacred spirit plant medicine kingdom and Queendom. It is our sacred birthright as humans to grow and use the plants that Mother Earth provides. Man made law should not supersede the laws of nature. There is a higher order in natural law that should be respected and honoured for all of life depends on the sacred balance that exists in nature. We, as humans should learn to be one with this balance. Our collective survival depends on us becoming co-creators with all of nature, working with her rather than against her.


The Morning Glory Flower is a perennial but is often cultivated as an annual. This hearty vine loves strong, well-drained soil and thrives in a sunny environment that gets plenty of water.

The seeds have a rough coating so it is best to nick or soak them for two hours in warm water before sowing.

The seeds should be planted 0.25 to 0.5 inches deep and at least 6 inches apart. It is a good idea to start the seeds in pots and allow them to become slightly potbound before planting them so that the roots do not become too crowded.

If the seeds are given the proper attention, the Morning Glory vines will bloom approximately 6 weeks after sowing.

Although morning glories like a lot of water, the roots do not like to become too damp so it is best not to over water them. One may increase the alkaloid content of the seeds by working to obtain the proper soil chemistry and feeding them with hormones.


Gathering Seeds: When the pods become brown and dry the seeds are ready for collecting. It is best to let them ripen as this helps them become less bitter. The stems and leaves contain some alkaloids. The stems and leaves are used only in extraction methods. They are best when harvested fresh and dried quickly in a cool environment.

Herbal Crafting:

Heavenly Wine: The flowers can be soaked in water for 2 weeks to produce a floral wine with a pleasant aroma. The wine has mild psychoactive effects. Herbs and honey are often added to enhance the flavour so that the wine is not too bitter.

Aromatherapy: The morning glory flower produces an invigorating and rejuvenating aroma therapy and can also be made into a beautiful perfume.

Flower Essence: Morning Glory flower remedies have a sparkling vital force that awakens and refreshes. It's properties are known to awaken new vision and opens one to new awareness. It is also said to help open the throat chakra empower it's user with the ability to speak, share and bring forth their best qualities. This healing essence also helps to shift imprinted patterns.

Spells: Morning Glory Flowers have been used in spells for centuries. This flower has a strong association with Love, the dawn and protection, to name a few of her spiritual attributes.

I am a herbal witch who works in the light with the spirit plant medicine kingdom/Queendom. I do so by honouring and tuning in with the spirit of the plant medicines with reverence, profound gratitude and respect. I do not condone black magic of any sort. Those who work with black magic suffer grave consequences.

It is extremely important that we work in the light as the keepers and guardians of the light. We are living in serious times in the Iron age of Kali Yuga, a time when humans degenerate spiritually. Those of us who can stay spiritually connected with Mother Earth's natural resources and her multitude of nature spirits must hold strong to the light now to help lead the way through the darkness that we are experiencing now on this planet.

For this reason I will be focusing on sharing white magic spells that are practiced with the Morning Glory Flower in my next blog entry which will be on the historical spiritual use and mythology of the Heavenly Morning Glory Flowers and her association with Goddesses, fairies and more! Blessed be!

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