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Updated: Jan 8

Renee Boje's work as a herbalist and life long exploration of the divine feminine inspired her to create a women's group on the Sunshine Coast in 1998, called the Sunshine Coast Goddess Spiral, where she began infusing herbal crafting into women's rituals. After co-founding the Sunshine Coast Wellness Collective, she co-founded a herbal Society on the Sunshine Coast, in Gibsons B.C. In 2002 she moved to Vancouver, B.C. Her passion for Plant spirit medicines inspired her to create the first Entheogen shop in Vancouver, B.C. called Urban Shaman Entheobotanicals, which she sold in 2006. While running the Urban Shaman, Renee co-organized several Entheogen conferences, where she gave presentations on the historical connections between Entheogens and the Goddess.  

Isis with Blue Lotus Flowers
Isis with Blue Lotus Flowers, Artist Unknown

Note: The above image honours the Egyptian Goddess of Love Isis, who is depicted here with Blue Lotus Flowers; a beautiful aphrodisiac, flower which has 3rd eye opening properties and was used by the many of the Egyptian Priests and Priestesses for healing divination, and dream travel.

Renee is planning to release some excerpts from her book on Entheogens and the Goddess soon and the first one will be on the Goddess Isis and her connection with various entheobotanical medicines. Please feel free to subscribe our blog mailing list to be notified when new articles are posted on this subject and more, by scrolling down to the subscribe link at the bottom of our home page.

During the her last 12 years in Vancouver, Renee devoted her life toward facilitating sacred plant medicine ceremonies. She studied under various Shamans in Brazil and spent time traveling to remote areas around the world learning from many different plant medicine healers from all walks of life. She co-founded a spirit plant medicine church in Vancouver, where she led ceremonies for 10 years. Renee is committed to deepening her studies and practices, on an ongoing basis, in order to expand her ability to hold space for people undergoing transformative healing journeys within the context of sacred plant medicine ceremonies.

Renee returned to the Sunshine Coast in 2017 and currently resides in Roberts Creek where she owns and operates Shakti Blissful Botanicals, a herbal boutique specializing in blissful and consciousness expanding herbal infusions. Renee delights in making her herbal crafting in a ceremonial way, infusing her blissful herbal infusions with devotional chants and the healing sounds of sacred instruments.

Renee now dedicates her life's work toward spirit plant medicine crafting and healing. She is working on writing a book on entheogens and their connection with the divine feminine and various Goddesses throughout history.

In Renee's own words; "Women carry within their cellular memory the ability to birth spirit into matter. I believe the Mystical Divine Feminine is re-emerging in order to help Mother Earth in her rebirthing process. The Goddess is reclaiming Earth again to remind us that all of life is sacred and has a divine purpose. The Priestesses of Mother Earth understand that she is the body of the Goddess. The divine feminine has a deep connection with the spirit of Gaia. When we wake up to our divinity, recognize the divinity of the Earth, expand our consciousness and deepen our capacity to Love, we have the ability to co-create Heaven on Earth once again. As above, so below. Respect for Mother Earth is deeply interwoven with respect for the divine feminine for she is the matrix of creation. Our planet and all of life upon it depends on humanity's ability  to uplift the feminine in her role as the matrix of creation, for it is through her that all things are born and re-born." 

Renee shares her plant medicine infusions and her writings with the world with love and devotion and a prayer that through their connection with Mother Nature and her spiritual plant medicine kingdom, humans will remember their true divine nature and share their unique gifts with one another, making this world a better place. "As above so below."

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