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Welcome to Shakti Blissful Botanicals!


We offer an organic Line of Herbal Infusions made with Love & Intention for Ceremonial purposes. Our specialty is Blissful & Consciousness expanding infusions which we hand craft in a ceremonial way with Love & Intention. We value and honour the spirits of the plants we work with and treat each plant with respect and reverence. we believe when medicines are prepared in such a way, their magical gifts and blessings have the ability to become imbued into the infusion making it a more potent healing tool.


Blessed be!

We invite you to visit our Blog which is filled with uplifting articles, such as, "Turn Winter Blues into Winter Bliss!"  

Our Sacred line of Spirit Plant Infusions include:

  • Blissful Elixirs

  • Third Eye Elixirs

  • Aphrodisiacs

  • Ceremonial Infusions

  • Euphoric Honey

  • Ecstatic Massage Oils

  • Sensual Bath Salts

  • and more...

we offer our Blissful infusions with the prayer that all who partake of them will receive their Blessings!

Blessed be!

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